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Septic Tank Treatment.

“To whom it may concern,
Prior to using the Biobugs New Zealand septic tank treatment, we had been troubled by a bad smell coming from the out-flow from our septic tank. This smell completely vanished after we used the product and the smell has never come back. Four months later we administered a follow-up treatment with continued success. We would definitely recommend the use of this product to any one who has a troublesome septic tank for the treatment of outflow. We received excellent service from our local agent.”
Brian & Annette McNamara,
Herron Road
Phone 2053796

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Dairy Effluent Treatment

“Directors of BioBugs New Zealand Ltd

We have been taking part in a trial to test the effectiveness of the product as supplied by BioBugs International Ltd that has been applied to our dairy effluent system on our farm at Ota Creek.
The first dosing of the pond was carried out on 17th July 2006 and further treatments have been carried out at monthly intervals. The pond had not had any dairy shed waste added since the herd was dried off at the end of May 2006. The pond still received rainwater discharge from the dairy shed roof and yards during the winter months.
A few weeks after treatment, we noticed that aquatic wildlife (ducks in particular) were returning to the pond, which is a good sign. By early November, in the first season of the trial, our travelling irrigator had covered about 65% of the paddock that the irrigator was in and my son pointed out that the cows had really eaten the grass much harder on the land sprayed with treated effluent.
At the start of the trail my son was very skeptical about the effectiveness of a litre of BioBugs being poured into a large pond. Until soil test results come in, we have no positive proof that the BioBugs are changing the soil conditions that would cause the grass on the treated land to be more palatable. The herd was in the paddock two nights, and when photographing the area there was quite a visible line between the treated land and the untreated land.
While we can see the difference the treatment has made to the land, we can only rely on the lab test results to verify that the BioBugs are doing their job in the effluent pond.
When we moved the irrigator to a new paddock last season we began to see the results almost immediately. A visitor to the site wondered why we strip grazed our paddock from north to south, when the logical way would be from east to west. It was quickly pointed out to him that in fact, the electric fence was placed east-west and what he was seeing was the difference between the irrigated and unirrigated land.
Our pond has the discharge pipe from the dairy placed too close to the irrigator pump. We think that when we move the pipe outlet to the far end of the pond, the Biobugs will have more time to do their job. We have now removed the grass and crust that were present during the early part of the trial and it will be interesting to see how effective Biobugs are at keeping the crust from forming again.
Even with the short time that the Biobugs have to work in our present setup, we are delighted with the huge reduction in odour coming from our pond.
We can also confirm the effectiveness of the Biobugs in reducing the odour from our household septic tank. Rosina poured a sample of Biobugs into the septic tank (via the toilet). The results were almost immediate and the odour has not returned since.
With the new rules for applying dairy effluent to pasture at lower rates than has been previously been permitted, we see BioBugs being a great tool to make full use of the nutrients applied to the land.”

Geoff and Rosina Heaps
Ota Creek    
11 February 2008

For further details, contact:

Geoff Heaps – Cellphone – 027 4354548

“To the directors of Biobugs International Ltd.
We have been using the dairy effluent treatment of Biobugs International Ltd since October, 2007.
This company has treated our effluent ponds, by installing an automatic daily dosing pump and timer system. This is a time saver. We are confident that our effluent system is being treated correctly, without us (the owner of the ponds) needing to do anything.
The treated effluent is benefiting the soil. We have noticed that there is quicker re-growth and better palatability and our cows eat the sprayed areas evenly leaving no tufts behind. We have also been able to graze pastures 3 – 5 days after spraying using the K-line system and we have not had any blockages of our pipe work.
The odour has been eliminated from the ponds. We have also sprayed beside the house and we have not noticed any odour, which is very pleasing to us.
The results are even better than we expected and we are particularly pleased with the better root growth and soil structure.
We are very happy with their product and we recommend this product to the dairy community.
The service of Biobugs International has been outstanding. Monthly servicing is done regularly and efficiently and without us being required to do anything. Sometimes the only way we know that they have been here is by the business card they leave behind.”
Peter Perkins

The following are very recent comments received from two clients who would be very happy to discuss the benefits of our product.

We have cut our herd by 7%, but regardless of this, compared to October 2007:

  • We are up 5.1% in volume for October with milk fat up 2.9% and protein up 7.9%
  • November: fat 9.6%; protein 13.6%; ms 11.3%; milk volume 7.4%
  • Cycling is better – 34 a day with the vet not being used. (On our other unit next door we are only doing 15 a day, with the vet needing to attend regularly*)
  • Cows lost their winter coats and have good shiny coats now.
  • Bloat is not a problem. We lost a few last year.

 *The farm owner has more than one unit – the reference to “Next door” is a unit that is not being treated by Biobugs.

Peter Perkins
Farm Manager
Boggyburn Road
Centre Bush
Ph:  027 221 4402

Compared to October 2007:-
Milk is up 27% for October and up 21% for the season.
Our milk solid target was 18,000Kg. We are currently at 21,950 and we haven’t peaked yet.
Biobugs is the best thing I have ever seen.

Off 4.7Ha we have taken 82 bales (4,900Kg of dry matter)
Off 5.6 Ha we took 102 bales.
The baleage is all leaf – no seed heads.
The paddock that previously wouldn’t grow anything is now producing grass equivalent to, if not better than the two above.

Kerry Evans
Farm Manager
Otu Creek Farm
Ph: 027 553 3026
Geoff Heaps
Ph: 027 435 4548


To whom it may concern.


A friend recently purchased a property that in the past had a blocked drain and raw sewage had polluted the soil under the house.

The smell was over whelming even though gravel had been spread over the soil and time had passed since the blockage had been fixed.

Bruce Harrington, Managing Director for Biobugs New Zealand Ltd, suggested I spray a mixture of his Bio Bug product with water. Within a week of spraying under the house the smell had almost totally gone much to our relief and proved how effective the product is in dealing with harmful bacteria that is a dangerous health hazard.

Many Thanks,

Brian McNamara.

5 Mary Street.


Ph  (03) 2083819

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26 Gordon Terrace
Gore 9710
New Zealand

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