Effluent treatment services.

Dairy Cow Effluent Treatment Programme.

Biobugs International Ltd is committed to helping you to control the quality and quantity of the effluent discharge onto your soil and to maximize the return of valuable nutrients and minerals to your pastures. This will also greatly improve the bacteria and worm activity, improving soil structure, allowing better uptake of nutrients. There will also be an improvement in soil friability and grass root growth over a period of a few months.

Biobugs International Ltd achieve this by using 100% naturally occurring super-grade aerobic and anaerobic bacterial strains, isolated and bred for this purpose because of their voracious appetite and their ability to reproduce every 30 minutes. These bacteria have been specially cultured and used in Canada and the USA for the last 30 years.

All bacterial strains used by Biobugs International are approved for import and use in New Zealand by the NZ Bio Securities Commission; ERMA (Environmental Risk Management Authority) and HSNO Act (Hazardous Substances and New Organisms )

To achieve this, Biobugs staff will install a small dispensing station in the milk shed or as close as possible to water running into the waste containment setup that you use. This will supply a small dose of highly concentrated bacteria on a daily basis. Using this method, we can ensure that a regular dose is applied to your effluent pond or direct to the pastures through the irrigator gun.

Biobugs International staff will call every month to service the dispensing unit. We also are available to discuss with you how best to manage the flow of effluent through your pond to reduce the build-up of solid material

Soil Bacteria .pdf document.

Septic Tank Treatment

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Septic tanks rely on naturally-occurring bacteria to degrade the waste products poured into them. These bacteria populations face the problem of encountering a variety of household bleaches and other toxic cleaning and disinfecting products that are poured into the system.

Tanks can become moribund. They stop working to capacity. They give off unpleasant odours. They clog up. The traditional method of treating this problem is to have the tank pumped out. The resident bacteria population is pumped out at the same time.

By adding our cultured bacteria product to your tank, you reverse this process. The new dynamic bacteria population attacks the sludge, frees up the system and removes smells.










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