About bioaugmentation for effluent solutions.

What is Bioaugmentation?

Bioaugmentation is a process that uses living micro-organisms, or their enzymes, to return a polluted environment to its original or enhanced condition.

As such, it uses relatively low-cost, low-technology techniques, such as using environment-friendly microorganisms which generally have a high public acceptance and can be used on the site of the problem.

In a polluted environment, bacteria, fungi, protists, and other microorganisms are constantly at work breaking down organic matter and returning this back to the soils as valuable nutrients and soil enhancers. That’s how Nature works. Pollution occurs when these microorganisms are overwhelmed by the amount of organic matter and chemicals that they have to deal with.

We help, by supplying super grade, naturally occurring bacteria that enhance the biodegradation processes and are injected into the waste stream on a daily basis to ensure a continually healthy bacterial colony in the waste pond. This activity continues in the soil to greatly improve soil and grass quality.

Is Bioaugmentation safe? Yes!

Bioaugmentation is very safe because it relies on microbes that naturally occur in soil. These microbes are helpful and pose no threat to animals or people at the site or in the community. The bacteria that we supply are approved for import and use in New Zealand by the NZ Bio Securities Commission, ERMA and the HNSO Act. Often Bioaugmentation does not require as much equipment or labour as most other methods, therefore, it is usually considerably cheaper and easier to apply.









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