Natural, safe, clean treatment of effluent, slurry, water and waste from dairy farms and other waste management.

Mr & Mrs Dairy Farmer,

Biobugs New Zealandl Ltd can help you if you are concerned about the following:

  • Are you worried about the environment?
  • Removing dairy slurry & effluent pond odours?
  • Help meet regional Councils effluent regulations?
  • Reducing and controling nitrate levels?
  • Better soil structure and moisture retention?
  • Greater grass growth with improved nutrient value?
  • Having your cows happily eating grass just days after it has been sprayed        with effluent.
  • Having healthier cows giving you a higher milk returns and fewer animal losses.
  • Having greater winter feed reserves.
  • Reducing nitrogen and fertilizer inputs and save costs.

We have proved that we can do these things for you and help improve your bottom line. And we do the treatments as part of the service.

Cave FM 104.6 interview with Peter Hargest about BioBugs

If you are concerned about crusting, effluent pond odours and slurry treatment in general then BioBugs can help you. Don’t hesitate – call now or send us a short e-mail.









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